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UV Germ-Zapping Robots To Kill Hospital Superbugs

A new robot is being tested which could kill hospital superbugs and save hospitals money The official named for the bacteria killing robot is Pulsed Xenex UV Disinfection and is being tested in universities across the United States. The number of patients being infected with a bug while in hospital has risen 70% in two years according […]

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GrittyFOAM: Innovative New Hand Wash?

A new innovative hand wash has entered the washroom market which could reduce costs, increase cleanliness and will be less damaging to the environment. The new hand wash is called GrittyFOAM and it uses a heavy duty foam and a non-abrasive bio scrub. Because of it’s design and ingredients it boast a quicker washing time and an […]

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Auto-sensor Use In Washrooms

One of the greatest inventions to be introduced to the commercial washroom has to be auto-sensors. Auto-sensors mean an action takes place simply because of a movement, instead of touch. The infra-red sensor can understand a hand movement and provide the required service. For example, in some commercial washrooms, it’s possible to extract soap from […]

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Eco Friendly Hand Dryers

Eco friendly hand dryers have become essential for most businesses we work with but no all do it to be green or save the planet. There are a range of benefits with the new eco friendly hand dryers which many people are still not fully aware of. Lets take a minute to look through the […]

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Tips To Keep Your Office Toilet Clean

No one likes to go into their toilet at work just to find it smells, has toilet roll on the floor or water splash over the mirrors. While most people already know the correct etiquette for using a toilet in their office, we’ve heard enough stories to realise not everyone does. The following are just […]

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More Germs Than A Toilet

Recent research has uncovered a surprising household item which can harbour more germs than a toilet. In a survey of over 1,000 homes, researchers found that a barbecue contained more germs than was found in the average toilet. E-Coli, salmonella and listeria where found on many of the used barbecues tested. It’s understandable that we spend […]

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Industrial Cleaning Services

We are specialist UK industrial cleaning service providers. It’s our experience with industrial cleaning projects which ensures whether you require waste disposal services or washroom industrial cleaning support, our quality of service remains very high. If you’re renewing your washroom services and industrial cleaning contracts then give Oak Industrial a call. We operate across the […]

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Welcome to the Oak Washroom Services website! This is our website dedicated to the world of washroom services. We provide a range of washroom solutions already and you can find out a lot about these here: http://oakwashroomservices.com/services/ Our blog will be updated regularly with information about our company, the industry and offers we’re running. You can […]

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