More Germs Than A Toilet

Recent research has uncovered a surprising household item which can harbour more germs than a toilet. In a survey of over 1,000 homes, researchers found that a barbecue contained more germs than was found in the average toilet.

barbecue-germsE-Coli, salmonella and listeria where found on many of the used barbecues tested. It’s understandable that we spend more time cleaning the inside of our properties, compared to the outside, however, it’s alarming that potentially harmful bacteria is present near where food is cooked. We can all protect ourselves by cleaning our barbecue frequently, especially before and after cooking on the barbecue.

Don’t worry, as long as you’re using hot, soapy water to keep your barbecue clean you won’t have to worry about bacteria. For instance, most people clean inside their property regularly and this is how to stop the spread of bacteria.

  • 71% of people clean their kitchen daily
  • 42% clean their toilet every day as well.
  • 28% of people clean their patio tables more than twice a year and only 36% cleaned their barbecue more than twice a year.

Where Else Contains High Levels of Bacteria?

handbag germsAnother survey found that handbags contain more bacteria than a toilet. This is because handbags are taken from place to place and despite perhaps not looking dirty, they contain potentially harmful germs. Handbags are handled, dropped and sometimes even kicked throughout the day so transferring germs onto the bag is relatively easy.

You can take preventative measures to avoid the spread of bacteria through handbags by using cleaning wipes regularly on your handbag. All handbags come with washing guidelines on the inside of the item and a frequently wash of the handbag should help kill any harmful bacteria.

But, why is this important for businesses? There are two reasons.

Reason 1: Sickness – harmful bacteria can mean employees are off work sick, a clean office helps to keep staff health.

Reason 2: Spread of bacteria – handbags are placed onto desks, floors and kitchen worktops in work. The bacteria can spread and harm other people working with in the business.

It’s for this reason we use the strongest eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our washroom cleaning teams are highly trained to kill germs dead and protect company employees.

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