About Us

Oak Washroom Services has been supporting businesses across the UK since 1995 when it first opened it’s doors. Where many other companies are unable to provide extra support, Oak Washroom Services provides solutions to everyday commercial washroom problems. We specialise in successfully resolving any washroom services problem, whether it’s a new baby changing unit which is required or products for your washroom vending machine, we’re here to help.

Our Washroom Services Values

The values of our business help guide our team and provide our clients with an expectation of the service they can expect from Oak.

  • Customer service: we value our customers and aim to create long term, mutually beneficial relationships which last for years.
  • Responsive: being available, quickly, is essential for our clients and we pride ourselves on our fast response times when we’re called upon.
  • Reliable: too often companies are let down by their washroom services contractor, but not with Oak. A reliable service is of the utmost importance for each and every one of our clients.
  • Inclusive: The range of services we can offer has grown since 1995 because we don’t accept sub-standard support. When you call Oak Washroom Services we will resolve your washroom problem.

It is because of these values that Oak Washroom Services continues to grow today.

OurWashroom Standards

Our high standards have helped Oak Washroom Services grow. Our quality of support and excellent customer services ensures customers remain happy. ┬áIt’s also the reason why most of our new clients are introduced by existing customers.

The services we provide are managed and maintained in-house, by our own team. We don’t outsource so we can keep strict control on service standards and the quality of washroom support provided by Oak.