Auto-sensor Use In Washrooms

One of the greatest inventions to be introduced to the commercial washroom has to be auto-sensors. Auto-sensors mean an action takes place simply because of a movement, instead of touch. The infra-red sensor can understand a hand movement and provide the required service.

For example, in some commercial washrooms, it’s possible to extract soap from a soap dispenser simply by placing a hand underneath the soap unit. The sensor on the dispenser understands you want soap and releases a short burst of fresh soap.

Hand dryers also are built with auto-sensors to switch on for a short period when a hand is placed underneath the hand dryer unit. Also, toilets are being built with auto sense technology so people no longer have to touch the flush handle, instead by placing their hand over the button, but not touching the button, they can flush the lavatory.

Why Use Auto-Sense Technology in a Washroom?

Auto-sense technology has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. These reasons include:

  1. Technology: The introduction of improved technology and the relative affordability means washrooms can become even more hi-tech and impressive.
  2. Cleanliness: Our hands spread germs easily. If we reduce the number of places we can touch in a washroom area then we reduce the chance to spread harmful germs.
  3. Elderly or very young: It’s easier to hover a hand over a button than have to use effort to push the button. This makes a difference for the elderly or children, as pushing the button could be difficult.

Oak Washrooms Auto-Sense Technology

We have been at the cutting edge of auto-sense technology by stocking and installing sensor activated hand dryers, lavatories, soap dispensers and other washroom services. We have witnessed the benefits of auto-sensor technology and can help your commercial washroom with the latest auto-sensor washroom services.

Give us a call today for a washroom services quote or for more information about auto-sensors in our washroom products.

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