Soap Dispensers

Washroom Soap Dispensers

Washroom specialists at Oak Washroom Services are on hand to help you select your soap dispensers. Each soap dispenser will provide a different output, with some being pump operated, whilst others are sensor release to receive the soap.

Range of Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers in washrooms are common practice, however, which soap dispenser you select is dependent on your washroom expectations.

Just some of our wide range of soap dispensers includes:

  1. Pure White Commercial Soap Dispenser
  2. Transparent Soap Dispenser for Washroom
  3. Auto soap Dispenser for Washroom

Our auto soap dispenser is a sensor release system and reduced the spread of bacteria.

Quote for Soap Dispensers

If you would like a quote for soap dispensers and soap refill packs then please get in touch with Oak Washroom Services today and we’ll be glad to help.