GrittyFOAM: Innovative New Hand Wash?

gritty Foam SoapA new innovative hand wash has entered the washroom market which could reduce costs, increase cleanliness and will be less damaging to the environment.

The new hand wash is called GrittyFOAM and it uses a heavy duty foam and a non-abrasive bio scrub.

Because of it’s design and ingredients it boast a quicker washing time and an increase in washes per litre.

It’s expected the hand wash will raise the number of washes per litre by 45%, according to it’s owners.

In research carried out by the foam’s creators, Deb, 9 out 10 of users preferred the GrittyFOAM to other foam’s.

As we can see from the MSDA report below, the foam is considered safe too use and it’s ingredients have been approved by EcoLogo, the largest environmental standard and certification mark in North America.

Hand Wash MSDA










It’s safety, speed and effectiveness gives this new foam an edge in the washroom industry, Phil Spark, marketing director at Deb, explains:

“GrittyFOAM is a completely new and different experience compared to conventional heavy duty hand cleansers.  Foam spreads rapidly over the hands, emulsifies soilings and rinses away quickly, which means less time, water and associated energy are required for a complete hand wash. Indeed, 3ml of liquid GrittyFOAM produces five times the volume in foam, providing 45% more hand washes per litre.”

The foam has passed through a number of tests including a 48-hour skin patch test, toxicological assessment, comparative water absorption test and more.

While i always like to find some negative points whenever i am reviewing a cleaning product, i’m struggling to find one here.

It’s does what every other hand wash does except, faster, cleaner and safer so i expect to find GrittyFOAM on the wall of washrooms across the UK any time soon.

Have you used the hand wash? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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