Baby Changing Area

Many washroom areas require facilities to accommodate babies. It’s essential for parents to be able to change their infant safely and a washroom without baby changing facilities is a problem for washroom users.

Washroom Baby Changing Areas

We provide ongoing support for washroom baby changing support. Some of the most important support we provide includes:

Baby changing tables: There is a range of specially designed and fitted baby changing tables which we offer. From the baby trolly, secured mat or wall mounted baby changing table we can provide support which utilises the space in your washroom area. All of our washroom baby changing options are 100% safe and meet the necessary washroom standards.

Nappy Disposal Units: We provide and dispose of nappies after they have been used. It’s essential for a washroom that this meets the hygiene standards, which we can help you with. Our nappy disposal units come with a fragrance release system to keep your washroom smelling fresh.

Child Safety seats: Safety seats are becoming increasingly more popular as when the parent uses the washroom, the child can be secured safely and comfortably in a safety seat.

Quote for Baby Changing Services

If your washroom needs baby changing facilities then please contact Oak Washroom Services. Since 1995 we’ve been supplying washroom solutions for babies.