Industrial Cleaning Services

We are specialist UK industrial cleaning service providers. It’s our experience with industrial cleaning projects which ensures whether you require waste disposal services or washroom industrial cleaning support, our quality of service remains very high.

If you’re renewing your washroom services and industrial cleaning contracts then give Oak Industrial a call. We operate across the whole of the UK and provide a wide spectrum of industrial cleaning services.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

We’re often asked how we stand out from other industrial cleaning companies and the answer is simple. We go further to help our clients. We don’t use the words “we can’t do that”, because that’s not customer focussed. It’s for this reason we provide a wide range of industrial cleaning services, including:

  • Hand Dryers
  • Air Fresheners
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Waste Disposal Services
  • Water Management
  • Urinal Systems
  • Washroom Vending
  • Baby Changing Areas

Every client we help is different and requires a tailored service so we start by developing an industrial cleaning plan with each client. This ensures we’re meeting our clients business need. Regular reviews between the management team ensure our service quality remains high.

The majority of our clients start using one of our services, such as purchasing and installing hand dryers but then move into buying soap, air fresheners and other washroom products. Our support is tailored to your needs, so we can deliver washroom products to your premises or we can provide an all-inclusive service and manage your industrial cleaning needs.

Alternative Industrial Cleaning Companies

Since 1995, Oak Industrial has been the partner of choice for industrial cleaning services because of our reliability, excellent customer service and cost effective pricing. This has seen us become an alternative industrial cleaning company.

You can get a quote for industrial cleaning services from us today. For more information about our industrial cleaning services please telephone 01738 632935 or complete or enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

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