Eco Friendly Hand Dryers

Eco friendly hand dryers have become essential for most businesses we work with but no all do it to be green or save the planet.

There are a range of benefits with the new eco friendly hand dryers which many people are still not fully aware of.

Lets take a minute to look through the different hand dryers currently available and how they could benefit your companies washroom.

Dyson Airblade Hand DryerDyson Airblade

I have to admit this is probably my favorite hand dryer and from the first time i used it i knew there has never been anything else like it.

It can dry 19 hands for the same cost as 1 paper towel, according to some claims.

You simply place your hands in between the gaps, slowly raise your hands and within seconds their dry.

Using 80% less energy this is certainly a green hand dryer, however it’s more than just that, it’s easy to use, more hygienic and very handy when your out with friends and want to get out the toilet fast.

It comes with a 5 year guarantee because Dyson are that convinced it’s vandal prove casing will be able to last.

BioDrier Executive Hand Dryer

Using 90% less energy, the BioDrier Executive Hand Dryer certainly claims the award for the most eco friendly dryer.

The average drying time is below 10 secs, making it as quick as the Dyson.

Coming with an LED light, air freshener and antibacterial filter as standard, this is a very good hand dryer.

Users can choose two heat settings, with or without heater on. If a user put the heater on it will use 1600 watts, however if left of it will use just 800 watts.

Veltia New Generation Hand Dryer

While not as eco-friendly as the previous two and not quite as fast this hand dryer is still an excellent option for saving money.

Using a similar design, it will dry hands in 10-15 seconds, using 85% less energy than standard hand dryers.

Slight cheaper than the other two in the list and offering similar benefits this is certainly worth considering for your washroom services.

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