Tips To Keep Your Office Toilet Clean

Office Toilet / WashroomNo one likes to go into their toilet at work just to find it smells, has toilet roll on the floor or water splash over the mirrors.

While most people already know the correct etiquette for using a toilet in their office, we’ve heard enough stories to realise not everyone does.

The following are just some of the ways to help keep an office toilet clean.

  • Toilet Smell – There’s nothing worse when walking into a bathroom than the smell of it’s previous users. If air fresheners are available take a minute to spray around the toilet area. It’s important to regularly keep air fresheners topped up, especially in an office toilet.
  • Toilet Roll – We’ve all been in a public toilet where someone has left toilet roll on the floor and it’s an eyesore. It takes just 2 seconds to dispense of any tissue paper or toilet roll.
  • Hand Dryer – The old fashioned hand dryers have one major flaw, water from hands drip onto the floor. Modern hand dryers are designed to collect the water and reduce spillage.
  • Sink – The most common problems around the sink is too much water being used and spilling around the taps. Using some tissue paper to dry the sink after you use it can go a long way to help keep the toilet clean.
  • Mirror – A simple clean once a day can make all the difference in keeping a mirror longing clean and shiny.
  • Bin – As much as it’s important to use the bin in a toilet, it’s equally important to make sure it’s emptied on a regular basis. An overflowing bin is the most common cause of mess in a toilet.

These are just some of the many ways in which an office toilet can be kept clean and help to create a better working environment.

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