UV Germ-Zapping Robots To Kill Hospital Superbugs

Pulsed Xenon UV Disinfection

A new robot is being tested which could kill hospital superbugs and save hospitals money

The official named for the bacteria killing robot is Pulsed Xenex UV Disinfection and is being tested in universities across the United States.

The number of patients being infected with a bug while in hospital has risen 70% in two years according to statistics from the NHS.

It appears the major issue with stopping hospital bugs is new ones being created while dealing with existing bugs such as MRSA.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said:

“Last year we surveyed more than 500 NHS staff involved in infection control. Over a third of all respondents raised new or emerging infections or antimicrobial resistance as a major cause of concern for the future while a majority (85.3 per cent) think that a greater recognition of wider infection protection control issues needs to be addressed and supported.”

This new germ killing robot will be a god send to those determined to see an end to hospital bugs and create a cleaner environment.

Pulsed Xenex UV Disinfection: How Does It Work

Shaped much like a small, portable waste bin, Xenex works by using a UV lamp which slowly rises before flashing UV rays while closing back into it’s holder.

Before setting Xenex, it’s important to make sure anything which needs cleaned is visible so the rays can reach them.

Because of the use of UV rays it’s also vital no one is in the room while it’s working and therefore safety instructions much be followed.

Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) have been a serious concern for a number of years and with the recent increase this new robot could be an important introduction.

Mark Stibich, Chief Scientific Officer of Xenex said,

“Xenex devices have been proven to reduce HAIs and hospitals using our technology are experiencing fewer infections. We are thrilled that the Central Texas VA is being recognized for its innovation in patient safety.”

Watch a demonstration of the new Pulsed Xenex UV Disinfection robot.

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